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Zach Simpson


Hello, my name is Zach Simpson and I am an actor and singer based in NYC.  I graduated from Syracuse University in 2024 with a BFA in Acting (with a concentration in musical performance). My interests extend to Musical Theater, Opera, and straight Plays.


Originally from Saratoga, New York, I got my start in a middle school production of Beauty and the Beast Jr.  Upon auditioning, I assumed I would play a fork or a knife, and was shocked when I landed the role of the Beast. I completely caught the theater bug, and have been performing non-stop for nine years. Majoring in acting and musical theatre in college was a natural progression.  At Syracuse University, I had amazing opportunities, playing Sky Masterson in Guys and Dolls, and working as a student understudy for Syracuse Stage’s production of How To Dance in Ohio.   My four years at college really allowed me to build my technique and to grow as an artist.


In addition to acting and stage work, I am very passionate about Singing and Vocal Arts. I have been in formal voice lessons since the age of 13, and have studied everything from Classical to Jazz Standards. I have a legit Baritone sound, and a wide vocal range, that allows me to sing powerfully in many styles and contexts. I have found success in several  music competitions. I truly appreciate the singing styles of Sinatra, Pavarotti, and the Beatles. I love the challenge of singing different musical genres and the joy of performing good music. 

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